M1 for Mobility

Protecting The Rider's Nody
From Accident

The wearable airbag vest is designed to protect riders in case of accidents or if the rider becomes detached from the bike while riding. When this happens, the keyball connecting the vest and the bike separates, triggering the inflator to immediately inflate the airbag and protect rider's vital areas of the rider including cervical neck, chest, and spine.

A Body Protection Airbag For Bikes With
A Sophisticated Design And Overflowing Functionality.

ergonomic design

Ergonomic Design For Comfortable
Wearing And Reliable Protection

Sleek Design

Sleek Design

Functional Materials

Functional Material That
Is Durable And Breathable

Physical Key-Ball Method

The Most Accurate Physical
Key-Ball Method

Key Speciflcations

Human Protection Airbag For Bikes
Product Features

Buckle-type vest shape makes it easy and comfortable to wear

Multi-purpose zipper pocket for safe storage of cell phones, belongings, etc.

Light and comfortable airbag vest

Highly functional fabric with moisture-repellent and sweat-wicking functions

Physical tension-based inflator for the most reliable and quick human protection

Modular inflator design allows for reuse

Various custom production for public institutions, companies, service brands, etc.


Human Protection Airbag For Bikes Airbag
Operation Process

Visual Reference

Applicable to

Human Protection Airbag For Bikes Airbag
Application Example

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