Human Intelligence Sensing

Innovating Technology For a Safer World

Why is it necessary ?

Safeware's technology has evolved through a meticulous comprehension of the environment, work processes, and critical emergencies. Our commitment to precision ensures a more reliable, comfortable, and intelligent approach to safeguarding human lives


Preventing Crashes
Ample Time for Protection

A 6-axis IMU sensor detects diverse accident scenarios, while advanced
electronic actuation technology ensures near-instantaneous inflation of the airbag

Post Event
Sending Emergency Alert by IoT

Upon detecting an accident, the integrated smartphone app promptly transmits the accident details
and location to preconfigured contacts, enabling the manager to initiate the fastest possible rescue response

Safety Monitoring System

Safeware's software development capabilities adhere to the IoT communication technology standards,
enabling efficient smart safety monitoring and management. By integrating with the smart safety monitoring platform,
managers can proactively prevent potential critical crises by continuously monitoring essential safety parameters,
such as workers' compliance with safety equipment, operational status, and real-time environmental changes


Human Ergonomics Meets Material Science

The most effective and comfortable capabilities is delivered by data analysis of
repetive drop experimental, virtual trials, and impulse dispersion test


Cutting-Edge Sensing Algorithms

Sensor data analysis through airbag dynamics simulation makes the airbag
algorithm more accurate. Safeware keeps algorithms evolved beyond up-to-date via the
R&D centre and its self-developed trial packages


Electric Actuation Airbag Inflator

Self-developed cutting edge electronic actuation airbag inflator module
maximizes product safety and precision

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