C3 for Professional

Fall Protection Smart Wearable Airbag

C3 is a smart wearable fall protection airbag designed for all industrial work settings. When its sensor detects a fall, it immediately inflates the airbag to protect body areas such as neck, spine, lumbar region, chest, and sides.

In Short, The C3 Is The Most Advanced Form Of
Fall Protection Airbag.

ergonomic design

Ergonomic Design For Comfortable
Wearing And Reliable Protection

Buckle-type power supply

Safer, Never Forgotten
Buckle Type Power Supply

Safety equipment compatibility

Perfect Compatibility
With Other Safety Equipment

Ventilation seat & detachable shoulder pad

Removable Ventilated Seat And Shoulder Pad
For Comfort Even In Hot Environments

Key Speciflcations

Smart Fall Protection Airbag
Product Features

Best-type compact design that fits naturally and is light in weight.

Highly functional pad applied to load-bearing shoulders

High compatibility with basic safety equipment such as helmets and safety rings

Comfortable fit even in summer with ventilated seat option

Easy on/off function via buckle and universal C-Type charging terminal

Modular inflator design allows for reuse

Immediately after the accident, the accident facts and location are sent to the administrator
(BLE version only)


Smart Fall Protection Airbag
Operation Process

Step 01

Fall Detection

Step 02

Inflator Operation

Step 03

Faller Protection

Step 04

Emergency Call Transmission

Applicable to

Smart Fall Protection Airbag
Application Example

Public / Infrastructure

Construction / Communication

Manufacturing / Chemistry

Retail / Distribution

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