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Smarter Safety Greater Hapiness

Safeware stands at the forefront of safety solutions, specializing in the development of intelligent wearable airbags and IoT-based safety monitoring systems.

Core Technology

Safeware's cutting-edge solutions seamlessly integrate AI, Machine Learning,
IoT, Fiber Science, and Ergonomics expertise to provide comprehensive protection
for the human body and advanced safety monitoring.

Ergonomic Design

Protect first the areas at high risk of serious
injury by effectively reducing and dispersing impact force

Optimal Algorithm

Design an optimal operating algorithm
through motion dynamics impulse testing

System Advanced

Electronic actuator inflating system
more stable and accurate performance


Smart safety products that apply Safeware's human body protection technology are
used in various fields such as industrial sites, daily life, and leisure sports.


Smart Wearble Airbag

Representative product : C3


Life & Leisure Wearable Airbag

Representative product : Airvest M Series

Safer Futurewith Safeware

Safeware has its own R&D and production facilities
continue to innovate through industry-academic R&D technology cooperation
trying to make a safe life for mankind


Since the business establishment in 2016, we have our own research and development and production
facilities and are working to ensure the safer life for humanity through technological
innovation with industry-academic R&D cooperation in related fields.


R&D Partner

Retail / Distribution

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